Should You Fear Root Canal Therapy?

By In General March 13, 2019

The mere mention of a root canal causes many people to recoil with fear. There are a lot of false myths about this treatment, but it alleviates pain instead of adding to or causing it. Root canal therapy is often the last hope a tooth has of avoiding extraction. With the preferred goal of retaining natural tooth structure to achieve optimal health, root canal therapy is a valuable and indispensable treatment.

Symptoms of Tooth Infection or Damage

People often need a root canal when trauma or infection have permeated the outer layers of a tooth and affected its inner chamber or tooth root. A tooth’s interior, called the pulp, becomes inflamed, and causes symptoms, which should not be ignored, such as:

  • Toothache
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Swelling and bleeding in the gums
  • Abscess in the gums

Health Risks of Dental Infections

There are serious consequences to toothaches that could put your overall health at risk. If infection spreads in the gum tissue, it can jeopardize the health of neighboring teeth.  Because the gums are vascular, bacteria can also gain access to the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. Bacteria trigger inflammation, which can affect pregnant women, worsen diabetes, and complicate heart disease. Bacteria can also infect vital organs with devastating consequences.

Root Canal Therapy and Beautiful Restorative Crowns

The first step in root canal therapy is the removal of the infected pulp. The doctor creates a small access point in the top of the crown, and after removing the pulp, the tooth’s inner chamber is filled with a biocompatible substance to preserve the tooth’s structural integrity. The doctor will take an impression of the tooth, so a crown can be created, and then he will place a temporary crown on it.

After the tooth has had time to heal, which is usually a couple of weeks, you return to the dentist to receive your permanent crown. Crowns are made of durable ceramic and designed to the precise dimensions of original teeth. They have the luminosity of natural enamel and a lifelike appearance. When they are cared for properly, they can protect a tooth from further damage for a lifetime.

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