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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Bradford, MA

When looking to replace missing teeth, our Bradford dental practice offers a comprehensive solution. Dental implants are an innovative restoration method. At the office of Thomas J. Bower, DMD, our dental team does everything we can to fulfill patients’ needs and expectations. With implant treatment patients are able to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Thomas Bower’s personal touch to patient’s care ensures they remain comfortable throughout their treatment.

If you are looking to restore your smile, contact our dental practice today! We are excited to bring out your best oral health and aesthetics.

Implant Treatment ProcessDental Implants in Bradford

Dental implants are surgically placed into the bone, meaning your restorations gain their strength directly from the jaw. Since the posts are implanted into the jawbone, they replace the teeth roots lost when the tooth has become dislodged. This stops the underlying structures from going through a process known as resorption. Progression of resorption is due to the lack of stimuli to the hard tissues and adjacent bone is then used to fill in the empty space left by the missing tooth root.

The implant posts are able to attach to a variety of prosthetics, so patients can replace from one single tooth to an entire arch of teeth. Since the restorations gain their stability directly from the jaw, they do not move and patients can perform their daily activities such as eating and speaking with confidence.

Receiving Dental Implants in Bradford

When patients come to the office of Thomas J. Bower, DMD, to obtain dental implants, we make every effort to keep them comfortable throughout every step of the process. To begin implant treatment, a patient would have their smile examined by Dr. Bower. This is to ensure their oral health meets the requirements necessary to receive dental implants. What patients need to have are:

  • Adequate jawbone density
  • Healthy gum disuse
  • Sustainable oral environment
  • Non-smoker

Once our dentist determines you are well-suited for dental implants, an impression is taken of your dental anatomy. This is to ensure we place the implant post into the best location for optimal dental function. After the procedure is complete, patients must wait three months, giving the surrounding tissues enough time to heal before receiving their crown or prosthetic.

Restorations for Your Dental Implant

We use the images taken of your smile to craft your restorations, making sure they seamlessly blend with surrounding teeth. We work with you to choose materials that are best suited for the location of your lost tooth, ensuring durability and pleasing aesthetics. We utilize strictly ceramics to give patients a uniform appearance. E.max® and porcelain are two of the choices our patients have.

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